Nutrifying Hair Serum

Nutrifying Hair Serum by Posana

Posana's Nutrifying Hair Serum is a hair care product unlike any other. It's a product that works from within your hair. Once you start using the Nutrifying Hair Serum, you will see improvement in your hair health. Your hair will be softer from first use. And the results don't go away if you are unable to regularly use the serum!

Posana has specially formulated the Nutrifying Hair Serum with the aim of providing nourishment to each hair strand. This is not a product that will just coat your hair and create the mirage of shinier hair. The carefully selected ingredients coat as well as penetrate the hair to nourish it from within. Think of it like growing plants. We know if we provide the right fertiliser to the plant, it will grow and prosper. However, the wrong kind of fertiliser or no fertiliser at all don't promote the plant growth. Similarly, for hair that is longer, stronger and healthier, it is important what you put on it!

Posana's Nutrifying Hair Serum has intentionally excluded the common list of chemical ingredients from its composition. The commonly found, hard to pronounce chemicals in most of the beauty products these days, may do more damage to your hair than good. Alcohols have a dehydrating effect while silicones coat an impermeable membrane which locks out the humidity from you hair. Over time silicone build up actually makes your hair to become more oily / greasy. These days everyone is stepping away from shampoos and conditioners containing silicones. But what about other hair care products? Posana has developed a silicone free hair serum to support your choices regarding silicone free shampoo and conditioner.

Posana has picked the best ingredients and brought them together in a power packed 50ml bottle. Don't be fooled by the size of this bottle. Being concentrated and highly potent, you only need a small amount to spread it through your hair. This bottle can last you 12-20 weeks, depending upon your hair length and extent of dryness / damage. You will need to use less and less of the product as your hair become stronger, longer and healthier!

The Nutrifying Hair Serum also combines Rosemary extract alongwith other high fatty acids. Numerous Scientific researches are available which have proven the role of Rosemary oil in promoting hair growth, even for Alopecia. Rosemary oil is also described as a hair loss restorative. We recommend more frequent use of the Nutrifying Hair Serum if you are using it to reap the benefits of Rosemary oil! Moreover, Rosemary oil is very calming, so whenever you use the Nutrifying Hair Serum, it will also help bring some calmness to your day!

We can go on for much longer on the need for including the Nutrifying Hair Serum in your hair routine. But for now, we want you to try this miracle pot of gold for yourself and see how much good it does to your hair. Once you start using it, you won't to go back to chemical products. Start your journey to great hair today!